Cheapest broadband provider

If you are not a heavy broadband user then cheaper broadband may be for you. There are many cheap broadband offers in the UK. Our cheap broadband comparison table should give you all the information you need to find the cheapest broadband for you.

What broadband you want?

• I want the cheapest broadband
• I want the fastest broadband
• I want the best value for money broadband

List of UK broadband providers - cheapest broadband on the top
Feel free to sort the table by monthly cost or cost per year. Many packages give you good monthly price for first couple of months but then they charge more. If you sort by Year, you can see the long term cheapest broadband.

Cheap broadband in news

A study on the 3 in one package offers in UK
Now a days there are various offers from many companies to provide a combined package of TV, cheapest broadband and landline. Virgin Media was the first to include a mobile service also in the package. They offer four for 40. There are many options. For example one can . break it down into individual components and [...]
Cable Modem and DSL Router
Introduction When there is a single cable modem and if you want to share the modem connection between up to 4 computers, this can be achieved in two ways. One is with a software running on a PC. The other way is with a small stand-alone box, called router. All the standard requirements like DHCP client [...]
Migration Access Codes, generally known as MAC codes allow the users to seamlessly switch cheapest broadband provider, without any break in your service. It is a 17 to 19 digit unique identifier code used by cheapest broadband customers when they wish to switch cheapest broadband service provider. The code usually begin with “BBIP”, “FTIP”, “BBDS”, or “BBDP” and [...]
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